Actor Niena Baharun’s Bee Themed Meet & Greet Event

We were honored to design and style the BEEautiful Sayangku Kapten Mukhriz’s leading actress Niena Baharun ‘s bee themed Meet & Greet event. We’re also ‘BEEyond’ ‘BEElieve’ that our mini garden with handmade giant paper flowers and cute bumble bees decorations made it to the newspapers once again. Thank you Utusan Newspaper for the feature.

niena-baharun-meet-and-greet-event-madu-feature-newspaper-utusan-malaysia-party-event-planner-murahWith many guest artists who turned up to the event. Among them are Cherpen Band with their superb live performance of “Kali Ini” song, Actor Ikhlas Jalil who stars in the drama “Cinta si Wedding Planner”, Comedian / host / emcee from sitcom “Abang Sado Boleh Beres” and more. There were lots of fun and laughter throughout the event with many games lined up. We’re glad and satisfied to see Niena Baharun enjoying herself with her fans. Watch the full video here.