About Us

Our mission is to make parties easy peasy for you, consistent with our name IzsyPizsy. All this is possible from the mastermind behind IzsyPizsy herself – Aimi, a fellow chartered accountant by profession who left her corporate position as an acting CFO at the young age of 26 to pursue her passion in party and event planning. Her love for everything pretty motivated her to be a self-thought party planner until she became the expert she is today. Throughout the years as a party planner for reputable clients, she has been perfecting her designing skills, creativity and her party printables. Now it’s time for her to pass it on to you to help make your parties a lot easier.

Aimi, Founder of IzsyPizsy

So if you’re planning a birthday party for your child and are currently feeling any of the following,

  • My party is near but I haven’t done much! I don’t even know where to start.
  • I have lots of sample images on my phone. But now there are too many ideas, I’m overwhelmed and stuck.
  • I’m not creative enough and I’m lacking ideas. Then self doubt kicks in.
  • I’ve tried it before and it didn’t turn out as expected, makes me feel guilty and miserable.
  • I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t find party supplies in my child’s preferred theme. It’s just too difficult!

then you’ve landed at the right place! We understand how you feel because trust us, we’ve been there too. Thankfully we’re here to provide you a solution to end your misery. Now you too can style your party like a professional, the easy peasy way.

Our Specialty

To make things easier for you, our team have carefully developed party packs with only essential party printables to be included in each set of party pack. All of the items within a party pack are guaranteed to be useful and practical for you.

A standard party pack contain items such as:

  • Paper bags with labels
  • Thank you tags
  • Stickers
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Water bottle labels
  • Clear bags with toppers
  • etc

You’re essentially getting all our best sellers in one pack! With each party pack containing over 100 pcs of party printables, it is by far the most comprehensive party pack there is out there and it’s really all you need. You’ll also save precious time and in turn, can focus on other areas that need more attention.

We also give you the option to choose ala-carte party products from our list of party printables. Our party printables come in lots of themes – you’ll be spoilt for choice. New themes are created each week, from evergreen cartoons such as Disney Princesses, to the latest movies such as Frozen, the list is just endless. Our party packs are constantly up to date with the latest themes, wouldn’t it be great to be the first to get your hands on them?

Unlike other party products out there, our party printables are carefully and tastefully handcrafted by our graphic designers. We ensure our designs are attractive, vibrant, cheerful and since each design is unique, you won’t find it any other places. Want to be even more unique? Then personalise it with your child’s name to give it that wow factor and surprise your guests.

What if you can’t find a suitable theme? Don’t worry we have you covered – just let us know and we’ll customise your dream theme just for you. And if your child can’t seem to decide on a theme, why not have two themes into one? So go on, get creative and mash up few themes – the possibilities are endless with our customised party package. Your children will guarantee to love seeing all her favourite characters come alive together.

But you may think that you might not be creative enough or preparing a party requires hard work. At IzsyPizsy, we live up to our name – we make parties easy peasy. Unlike party printables from other party planners, what you’ll receive from us are physical party products, not digital downloadable files. This means you just sit back and relax while we do the printing, cutting and all the hard work. All our party printables are of high quality standards such as

  • thick art card material
  • glossy sticker coating
  • premium quality bags
  • laserjet printing
  • machine die cut for precision

That’s not all, we also provide props and equipments rental where you’ll save lots of money without breaking the bank. Now that’s super easy isn’t it? With our party printables and props, you too can style your party like a professional, the easy peasy way.

Nisa Alwi

"The party pack is really nice!! Barang best-best! If I jadi penerima party pack tu pun, confirm I sengih sampai telinga k. I highly recommend this young lady, super efficient! The best party planner ever! can't wait for the next event!!! ngeee"

Lena Boey

"Here's a super talented team who is fun to work with. They pulled out all the stops to rush an order for me. The work was delightable and of great quality. Thank you Izsypizsy for creating such great party memories for us ~tra-la-la~"


Comprehensive with essential party products


Save money and time on useful practical sets


Latest themes with vibrant and cheerful designs


Personalise child's name or customise new theme


High quality materials and prints

Join thousands of satisfied parents who have made the smart move in getting their hands on our party packs – making their lives a lot easier and a pro at preparing their children’s birthday parties. Start enjoying the benefits of our party products now by enter our party shop below or simply read on for more information on our success stories.

Wall of Fame

All our party product are designed for parents, by a parent herself. IzsyPizsy’s founder, Aimi, started by styling her own daughter’s first birthday celebration out of interest and passion. Guests and local medias were attracted by her party decorations and was honoured to be selected as “Party of the Month” in Ibu & Anak Magazine. As quoted, “what’s interesting is this party is 100% a mother’s touch”. And things just exploded from there (in a good way).

We grew very quickly – people started to notice our creativity and soon enough we were fully booked from celebrity clients and their support keeps coming in. Actor / singer / host Alif Satar engaged us not once, but twice for both his birthday parties. So did actor Niena Baharun – once for her meet & greet event and another for her Hari Raya openhouse. Other celebrity clients include Miss Malaysia Michelle Yin & partner Dato’ Brian, actor and activist Zed Zaidi and actor Ikhlas Jalil.

Alif Satar

Miss Msia

Zed Zaidi

Niena Baharun

Ikhlas Jalil

Our event decorations often get featured in newspapers with clients expressing their satisfaction with our decorations. As seen in Metro Harian “Sebelum ini saya melihat sambutan sebegini diberikan kepada Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. Namun apabila saya mengalaminya, memang terharu,” said Alif Satar who cried during his speech. “Saya menyangka boleh ‘cool’ apabila tiba di lokasi acara tetapi sangat terharu dengan usaha dan sokongan yang diberikan. Disebabkan itu saya menangis apabila diminta menyampaikan ucapan”. We also had a full page coverage on Utusan Malaysia during actor Niena Baharun’s event.

Have you heard of  Trusted Malaysia? It’s Malaysia’s newest one-stop guide for all Malaysians for product and service reviews, including for party planners and much, much more. They provide you with reviews you can trust, and they answer all the important questions to help you make good buying decisions.

To ensure they only give you the best options available, their researchers and reviewers perform in-depth market research and product analysis for each item they put on their list. And it is such a privilege for IzsyPizsy to be featured as one of the Top Party Planners in Malaysia. Thank you Trusted Malaysia! You should check them out for reviews on basically everything you need – simply click on Trusted Malaysia’s badge below.

With our presence being noticed, we often get exclusive invitations for collaborations and event sponsorships. Only the best providers were carefully handpicked to provide their products for those events and the organisers recognise that we certainly take quality and creativity seriously. We’re proud to see our brand alongside reputable multinational corporations such as McDonalds world’s largest fast food chain, Mothercare and ELC, both being UK’s biggest retailers in mom/babies’ products and kid’s educational toys respecitvely, and SukaSucre Bistro by singer / actor / masterchef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob.

Party of the Month

Our party has been chosen as "Party of the Month" in Ibu & Anak magazine

Celebrity Clients

Our clients are well renown celebrities artists such as actors, singers and beauty pageants

Newspaper Feature

Our decorations have been featured in Utusan and Harian Metro newspapers

Event Collaborations

Our products and services are often selected for collabs with large corporations

Shop with Ease and Confidence

Not only do we provide express shipping within Malaysia, we also ship internationally to neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Brunei, and as far as United States and United Kingdom. So fret not, wherever you are across the globe, our party products will reach you in no time.

Ruby Munoz Cruz, U.S.A

"Everything was nice and my Olivia was over the moon. It turned out really nice and everyone loved it. Thank you"

Maria L Andreassen, U.K

"I highly appreciate nice people and good workmanship. Hope people can see how good you are, excellent work"

For your shopping ease, we accept all types of credit card payments whether it’s Mastercard, Visa or Amex (for non-Malaysians) and all major local bank transfers such as Maybank2u and CimbClicks (for Malaysians). However you choose to pay, we’ll send you a receipt every time a payment is made so you can keep track of your transactions. All payments are safe via Paypal or Billplz secured gateway.

Offering you ease of transactions, doesn’t mean we take everything easy. At IzsyPizsy we take paperwork seriously. We’re an SSM registered company and BizTrust SSM registered at the date of writing. So never worry about the authenticity of our company as we’re a legitimate business adhering to rules and regulations in the country.

MDEC (in collaboration with PIKOM) has also approved us as an online retailer for #MyCyberSale , Malaysia’s BIGGEST online sale. Selection criteria were strict which included checks from SSM and KPDNKK but we nailed it. Rest assured that all our business dealings are safe and adhere to trading standards. #MyCyberSale is a yearly event and we are consistently being checked by MDEC each year for compliance.


We ship internationally especially to the United States and United Kingdom

Secure Gateway

We accept all types of credit card payments via Paypal secured gateway

SSM Registered

We're legally registered under company name Zara Aman PLT (LLP0002114LGN)


We've been approved by MDEC, PIKOM & KPDNKK for #MyCyberSale

Join thousands of satisfied parents who have made the smart move in getting their hands on our party packs – making their lives a lot easier and a pro at preparing their children’s birthday parties. Start enjoying the benefits of our party products now by entering our party shop below.