Baby Shark / Under The Sea Birthday Party Decoration Props

Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo… admit it, the song is in your head. Baby Shark Doo Doo dance and song video became so popular that we’ve received lots party decorations requests. And to make it IzsyPizsy (read: easy peasy)  for you, the team at IzsyPizsy has come up with an amazing decorations / prop set you wouldn’t want to miss!

Because we understand decorating kid’s birthday parties can sometimes put a hole in your wallet. And let’s admit, you’ll use it only once and then it gets tucked in the store room for decades! So why buy when you can rent from us. You’ll save lots of money without breaking the bank and you too can style your party like a professional, the smarter way. 

Introducing our “Splish Splash Set” – perfect for Baby Shark / Under the Sea / Little Mermaid / Nautical themed birthday parties. “Splish Splash Set” contains the following:

  1. Backdrop banner
  2. Life buoy / float
  3. Fish net
  4. Nautical anchor
  5. Sand castle bucket and tools
  6. Ship steering wheel
  7. Sailor / Captain’s hat
  8. Snorkelling gear
1. Backdrop banner
  • Material : tarpauline
  • Size: Baby Shark design 7.5ft width x 6ft height or Sea design 10ft width x 6ft height
2. Life buoy / float
  • Material : foam
  • Colour : red and white
  • Size : 35 cm diameter
3. Fish net
  • Material : cotton
  • Colour : white
  • Size : 100 cm x 200 cm

4. Nautical anchor

  • Material : wood
  • Colour : dark blue and white
  • Size : 28 cm x 20 cm

5. Sand castle bucket and tools

  • Material : plastic
  • Colour : mixed
  • Size : various

6. Ship steering wheel

  • Material : wood
  • Colour : baby blue and white
  • Size : 23 cm diameter

7. Sailor / Captain’s hat

  • Material : dacron
  • Colour : white and black
  • Size : standard for kids

8. Snorkelling gear

  • Material : silicone
  • Colour : green
  • Size : standard for kids
And best of all you can rent it as early as 2 days before your birthday party, and return as late as 2 days after the event. So don’t rush and turn into mamazilla – take your time 🙂 Purchasing these items can easily cost you RM500. But with IzsyPizsy, you can rent it for RM400 RM300 RM250 RM100 only! So that’s 8 items, 5 days, RM100 only woohoo! You won’t get it this amazing at any other places, trust us.
As this set is one of our most sought after product, please contact us to check booking availability for your required date.
Decorating your child’s Baby Shark themed birthday party can’t get any easier than this! View sample photos from our clients as ideas and inspirations for your party. All these clients DIYed their decorations using our Splish Splash set props. Now you too can host your own birthday party like a pro, the easy peasy way.

Under the sea birthday party set up by IzsyPizsy incorporating props from the Splish Splash set.

Great feedback by Dr. Nada who rented our party props for her farewell party at the hospital.

Awesome under the sea set-up by 9Kedondong's owner with the help of our props and their balloon artist

Wonderful DIY set up by Adriana for XJDS's birthday party by renting our props.

Gorgeous DIY set up by Priscilla for Ashton Phillip's first birthday party by using our props.

DIY set up by Connie for her twins Cayhom and Cayenn's birthday party with the help of our props.

We provide the following standees for rental too. They’re a huge hit – be sure to contact us early to book them.

We’ve also received lots of printables orders for Baby Shark themed birthday parties. And since our party printables are customisable, you can include your child’s name and age to that extra wow factor. This party pack contains goodie bags, stickers, cupcake toppers, and clear gift bags.

We will provide you the artwork preview such as image above for you to check on the accuracy of your child's name and age. Mass production will only commence upon receiving your approval. (Our client here added on other party printables such as water bottle labels, party hats, and kitkat wrappers)

Actual product of Baby Shark Doo Doo party printables. We're creating a dedicated blog to provide you more info on this party pack - stay tuned.

Thanks for swimming by! Don’t forget to visit the following blogs on more Baby Shark / Under the Sea birthday party ideas.

a) Girly Baby Shark party printables

Enjoy the baby shark doo doo song and dance video below.

View our latest projects on our blog and visit our party shop. Feel free to contact us for further information.

55 thoughts on “Baby Shark / Under The Sea Birthday Party Decoration Props

  1. Joselyn

    Can you contact I need at least 50 party hats of the family baby shark .

    1. izsypizsy

      sure, we’ve sent an email to your email account

      1. Kristine Hope

        Do you have any free downloadable hat pattern?

      2. izsypizsy

        hi.. check out our freebies section from time to time for the latest free gifts / free downloads 🙂

  2. Cindy

    need baby shark party hat’s for 20 please

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Cindy, direct link to place your order as below, thanks 🙂

  3. Lindy

    hi, I would like to rent the baby shark splish splash set, and get 50 stickers of baby shark for my baby birthday party on the 14/9. Is that ok? How much would it cost?

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Lindy, the baby shark props are available for rent on 14th Sept. As for stickers, the size, material, price are available at . We’ve sent you an email with further info.

  4. June

    Hi, i would like to rent the baby shark prop on 22/9, is it available?

  5. June

    Hi, i would like to rent baby shark props on 22/9, is it available?

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi June! yes available for 22 sept 2018. We’ve emailed you more details.

  6. Arianna

    Will this be available for September 28th, 2018?

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Arianna, yes they’re available for 28 Sept 2018.. let’s chat shall we?

  7. Izah

    Is baby shark prop available on 9 sept 2018 ?

    1. izsypizsy

      They’re available for 9 Sept 2018, however they will have to be returned on 10 Sept 2018 because another client booked them for 11 Sept 2018. We’ve emailed you more details.

  8. Kathy Hopkins

    Is the baby shark prop # 1 available Sunday, Oct.7, 2018? What is the cost?

    1. izsypizsy

      Within Malaysia: for rental
      Other countries: for sale
      Please drop us an email at to discuss purchase option in detail. Thank you.

  9. Grasiela

    Could you please contact me with your prices.

    1. izsypizsy

      Sure! We’ve sent it to your email 🙂

  10. Christina

    Are props available for 10/27 interested in party hats, stickers, backdrop, float, and fish net

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Christina, at the moment they’re available for 27Oct2018..pls live chat with us on fb to secure your booking

  11. ALA

    Our baby boy is turning 2 on november 16. He likes baby shark so we decided to go for his birthday party with this much it cost to rent all the accessories written above?

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Ala, price as quoted above. We’ve sent you an email with full info too.

  12. ghytri

    hi, would like to check on the availability of the props for rental. the birthday is on 22dec 2018. tq

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Justine, available for 22 Dec 2018 as of now. We’ve emailed you more info.

  13. Adilene

    Hello I’m interested in renting the banner

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Adilene, sure… Please drop us a message on when is your party date to check availability

  14. Lenette A Rose

    Need baby shark printables

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Lennette, sure… Please message us your party date n location to check availability at facebook

  15. Nicole

    Looking for some baby shark hats, how long do they take to ship? And how much are they? Thank you

    1. izsypizsy

      You may refer to our catalog for pricing here .. please contact us with your location and event date for a better estimate on delivery time

  16. Kerriea

    Good Morning,
    I’m interested in renting the banner. My party is February 23, 2018.

    1. izsypizsy

      Thanks Kerriea for your interests. Rental services is for within Malaysia only. However for United States, you may purchase instead of rent

  17. Sylvia

    Do you know of any bany shark prop rentals in United States (Washington State)

    1. izsypizsy

      hard to find party planners who provide such services like we do

  18. Destiny

    How much are the custom stickers and party hats

  19. Kyneisha

    how do I go about ordering a baby shark back drop

  20. Gayle

    What are you rental prices for the full decor? Please send them seperate.


    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Gayle, due to bulky / large decor items and high turn-over, decor rental services is only available locally within Malaysia.

  21. Briana

    I need some party hats and table toppers. How can I order some?

    1. izsypizsy

      hi Briana, you may order below. Please email us your event date so we can check production availability for you. email :

  22. Nirmala

    Hi..I would like to know how much the baby shark prop cost. I am planning for my son’s birthday end of June. And I would like to have party bags which has baby shark theme as well.

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Nimmi, price is as described above. party bags: here

  23. Shakeera

    May I get the printables for the baby shark theme party.

    1. izsypizsy

      sure, we’ve emailed you

  24. Patricia De Jesus

    I’m Patricia. i’m interesting on the baby family shark standees. How much are to rent and what do i need to do to get them?

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Patricia! Thanks for your interests in our props. As they’re bulky and fragile, rental services is only available locally within Malaysia

  25. Tiyahna Augustus

    Planning my son first birthday doing baby shark theam would Iike to ginger rental if someone could contact me please .

    1. izsypizsy

      thanks for your interests, we’ve replied to your email

  26. cynthia Pendleton

    I would like to rent the Baby shark Props? And please let me know asap! Thanks

  27. aidil

    wanna rent your Baby Shark / Under The Sea Birthday Party Decoration Props on 24/8/2019. thanks.

    1. izsypizsy

      sure, thanks for renting from us

  28. Kelly Melton

    I need everything u have for a baby shark birthday party before september the 6th how much

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi.. thanks for your interests in our products.. due to the bulky size of the complete set, unfortunately the items cant be shipped to the United States

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