Pejam celik pejam celik sekejap je dah raya kan. Tibe lah masa nak kene hias office / hotel / sekolah dengan decorations Hari Raya. Ah nak cari mana props Raya ni? Dah la guna sekali setahun je, kalau beli rasa membazir pulak lepas ni props tak pakai berhabuk je lebih. Last minute pulak tu nak cari supplies, pening kepala!Jangan risau, kami di IzsyPizsy (read: easy peasy), are dedicated to make your events easy peasy!   Memperkenalkan
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Wishing you Happy Birthday from a social distance! While we’re at home during this pandemic, let’s not forget to celebrate the birthdays of our loved ones at home. Our team at IzsyPizsy came up with this fun and cool birthday party package for you to celebrate with your family during the lockdown. This is most definitely a once in a lifetime chance to celebrate a “Quarantine” themed birthday party so you wouldn’t want to miss it.  Inspired
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Hi Asslm 🙂 soalan cepumas, kenal artist baru yang super cantik Niena Baharun tu? Ala yang berlakon dengan Fattah Amin dalam drama Dia Anak Jeneral tuuu Jangan tersilap kata Fazura pulak haaa.. ni la heroin baru Niena Baharun. Power gandingan Niena dengan Fattah Amin dalam drama Dia Anak Jeneral. Niena Baharun contact kami untuk decorate majlis Hari Raya di kediaman Niena. Walaupun short notice agak last minute, tapi Alhamdulillah kami berjaya ceriakan lagi majlis Hari Raya
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Stop, drop and roll! If you’re looking for fireman themed party decorations, look no further we’ve got you covered. To make it IzsyPizsy (read: easy peasy)  for you, the team at IzsyPizsy has come up with an amazing decorations / prop set you wouldn’t want to miss because it’s on fire, literally!Because we understand decorating kid’s birthday parties can sometimes put a hole in your wallet. And let’s admit, you’ll use it only once and
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Item: Jumbo Backdrop stand (flat base)Size: 8 feet width x 8 feet heightWidth adjustable any width between 4ft – 8ftHeight adjustable any height between 3ft – 8ftRent / Sewa: RM65 only (save hundreds when you rent vs buying)Location: Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Malaysia (delivery within Klang Valley available upon request)Waze: IzsyPizsyTo book: Contact us via the following channels. Fast reply within 24 hours.– PM Facebook:– DM Instagram:– Email: Step-by-step tutorial guide to install Jumbo Backdrop
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