Video: Cotton Candy Birthday Party Games Ideas

When we hear the word “cotton candy” we think of the soft comfort feeling you get when it melts in your mouth and simply disappears, leaving you nothing but sweetness in every bite. It’s not surprising that recently, we’ve received many requests to provide cotton candy as part of our client’s birthday parties. Cotton candy and kid’s birthday parties are like match made in heaven and are now inseparable.

What’s interesting is you can also turn it into a fun game at kid’s birthday parties. So instead of having the usual musical chair game, here’s an idea – how bout having a cotton candy eating competition. It’s simple and easy, and most importantly your children and guests are guaranteed to have lots of fun.

As a party planner at IzsyPizsy, we always put our clients as our main priority and we make sure we’ve got your backs. We have a cool trick to share with you to make sure you slay at the cotton candy eating competition. Watch this video – you’d be surprise you’ve been eating cotton candy the wrong way your entire life!

And there’s a 2nd video below it to prove that you’ll surely stun your guests every.single.time. Have fun!

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Source: I’m The Winner

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