Tayo The Little Bus Birthday Party

You’ve spent hours and hours searching for Tayo the Little Bus party supplies online but you’re getting no where. It’s just so difficult to find any 🙁 Fret not, we’ve got it all sorted for you. We have lots of Tayo the Little Bus party printables available for you woohoo! 

Our party products are fully customisable to suit any theme, including the Tayo the Little Bus which is just ridiculous to find anywhere else. And what’s even better is since it’s fully customisable, you can also personalise it to include your child’s name to wow your guests.

It’s true that we can customise just about any theme for you but for certain themes that are unfamiliar to us, a lot of effort and research is being put prior to the start of the project. This party was no exception – Aaisyara’s choice of theme was Tayo the Little Bus, a famous computer-animated television series in South Korea. So we started off by studying the cartoon characters in detail and watched the series on Youtube. 

We must admit we enjoyed this cartoon series and ideas & inspirations for the artwork design started to come naturally.

Tayo the Little Bus table standee to be used as table center piece decorations (left). It's the size of an A4 and each standee is equipped with it's own stand to make it self-standing (right).

Tayo the Little Bus cupcake toppers. Seen here are Tayo, Hana, Rogi, Lani, Gani and the symbolic traffic light. Click on image for more details.

What's a birthday without a party hat? All our customised party hats are produced from thick art card material and comes with elastic bands. Go on and click the image to place your order.

Our client Aaisyara also ordered backdrop banner / bunting as scene setter.

Tayo the Little Bus party printables ready to be flown internationally to Singapore. Sorry Tayo, we're not riding busses this time.

Great feedback from our client Aaisyara who's anxiously waiting for her parcel to arrive to Singapore.

International order safely arrived to our client in Singapore. Since Aaisyara's birthday is only in March, she has opted for normal shipping which takes slightly longer to reach but it's well worth the wait 🙂

We have many more Tayo the Little Bus party printables as below, just to name a few. You’ll find these party products and more at our online party shop.

To date, we have customised many Tayo the Little Bus themed party printables to clients all over the world such as to Aaisyara (Singapore), Krishan (United States), Weizhe, Jun Hern, Amsyar & Leeya (Malaysia). We’ll share with you their Tayo birthday parties soon.

In the meantime, we’ve got a bus to catch – bus number 120 to be exact. And on the bus we’ll be watching some Tayo the Little Bus videos. Guess where we’re heading to? Tayo Kid’s Cafe with a cool Tayo indoor playground. See you there!

View our latest projects on our blog and visit our party shop. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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    1. izsypizsy

      Thanks Veronica! Prices for Tayo the Little Bus themed birthday party supplies at https://izsypizsy.com/product-category/party-printables/ we’re also developing a digital pack for download, so you can print as many (or as little) as you wish.. let’s have a chat at https://m.me/izsypizsy 🙂

    2. Veronica Diaz

      Hi will you please let me know the price of the backdrop banner and ho along will take to arrive me address is in the USA

  2. Angie

    Please could you let me know the cost of the Tayo Backdrop Banner/Bunting and the size. Postage to Australia.

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Angie,
      Thanks for your interests in our Tayo party products. We’ve emailed you full details regarding size, material, price and postage to Australia.

  3. Ruvi

    Have you completed developing the digital pack for Tayo The Little Bus? If so how what is included in the digital pack and how much does it cost? Also could you let me know cost of the Tayo Backdrop Banner and the size. Postage to Australia.

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Ruvani, yes we’re excited to share it with you. We’ve sent you an email 🙂

  4. Denise

    I would like to order some supplies banner, cake topper etc

    1. izsypizsy

      Thanks Denise, our team has contacted you via email.

  5. Priti

    Love your tayo party range, where are you based?

    1. izsypizsy

      We’re happy to hear that, thank you. Based in Malaysia and ship internationally

  6. Mandy Lam

    HI I would like to order a banner and some supplies, kindly contact me. thanks!

    1. izsypizsy

      sure, we’ve emailed you

  7. Brandon Dodrill

    Can you provide pricing for the Tayo the little bus set? Thank You

  8. Priyanca Sachdeva

    Hi. I am looking to order Tayo birthday supplies for my son. His birthday is in May ( advance planning ) . He will turn 4.

    1. izsypizsy

      you’re one supermama we’d love to chat with you on facebook

  9. Carolyn

    My grandson Braden is turning 4 in March and wants a Tayo birthday party. We basically need cups, napkins, plates and plastic table cloths.
    Could you please provide me with a price. For about 25 people.
    Thank You,
    Carolyn Marshall

    1. Yasmin

      Hi I would like to know the cost of the tayo the little bus supplies for his first birthday it will be on July

  10. Stephanie Porche

    Yes please I would like to know the exact price of my order because I think i made a mistake somewhere idk thanku

    1. izsypizsy

      can u chat with us on facebook so we can help you out? thanks

  11. Santha

    Hi greetings, my son’s 2nd year birthday Is coming 12th April. I would like to purchase banner, cup cake topper and table standee. Due to my country shutdown I would like to check if you can delivery to my address? I would like to know the total cost.

  12. Kayla

    I would like to order some taco the little bus birthday supplies for my sons first birthday! How much would everything cost and how long would it take to arrive?

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Kayla, we’ve sent you an email. As for shipping, there are 2 options : express or standard. best to order early to save on shipping costs.

  13. Widelande

    Hello I would like to purchase the “Tayo the little bus” printable bundle . Would you tell me what’s come with the bundle before purchasing.

  14. Yasmin

    Hi I would like to know the cost of the tayo the little bus supplies for his first birthday it will be on July

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