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Not only do we provide express shipping within Malaysia, we also ship internationally to neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Brunei, and as far as United States and United Kingdom. So fret not, wherever you are across the globe, our party products will reach you in no time.

Ruby Munoz Cruz, U.S.A

"Everything was nice and my Olivia was over the moon. It turned out really nice and everyone loved it. Thank you"

Maria L Andreassen, U.K

"I highly appreciate nice people and good workmanship. Hope people can see how good you are, excellent work"

For your shopping ease, we accept all types of credit card payments whether it’s Mastercard, Visa or Amex (for non-Malaysians) and all major local bank transfers such as Maybank2u and CimbClicks (for Malaysians). However you choose to pay, we’ll send you a receipt every time a payment is made so you can keep track of your transactions. All payments are safe via Paypal or Billplz secured gateway.

Offering you ease of transactions, doesn’t mean we take everything easy. At IzsyPizsy we take paperwork seriously. We’re an SSM registered company under the name Zara Aman PLT holding registration number LLP0002114LGN. So never worry about the authenticity of our company as we’re a legitimate business adhering to rules and regulations in the country.

MDEC (in collaboration with PIKOM) has also approved us as an online retailer for #MyCyberSale , Malaysia’s BIGGEST online sale. Selection criteria were strict which included checks from SSM and KPDNKK but we nailed it. Rest assured that all our business dealings are safe and adhere to trading standards. #MyCyberSale is a yearly event and we are consistently being checked by MDEC each year for compliance.


We ship internationally especially to the United States and United Kingdom

Secure Gateway

We accept all types of credit card payments via Paypal secured gateway

SSM Registered

We're legally registered under company name Zara Aman PLT (LLP0002114LGN)


We've been approved by MDEC, PIKOM & KPDNKK for #MyCyberSale

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