Angry Birds Birthday Party

If your child is a fan of the Angry Birds game, the movie, (or both), you will love this fun-filled Angry Birds birthday party for Moses. Here are some scenes from Moses’s Angry Birds Birthday Party set up by client Yen Hiew, with some help from IzsyPizsy.

angry-bird-pig-slingshot-theme-birthday-party-ideas-supplies-goodie-bag-pack-decoration-malaysia-planner-murahSpotted! Our customised pocky wrappers, sugus candy wrappers and pudding stickers used as decorations for Moses’s Angry Birds birthday party

angry-bird-pig-slingshot-theme-birthday-party-ideas-supplies-goodie-bag-pack-decoration-malaysia-planner-murah-kitkat-gamer-lollipop-candy-buffetIzsyPizsy’s customised goodie bag & topper, photobooth props, chocolate wrappers, stickers, and more!

angry-bird-pig-slingshot-theme-birthday-party-ideas-supplies-goodie-bag-pack-decoration-malaysia-planner-murah-kitkat-candy-buffet-hersheys-eggCustomised kit kat wrappers and Angry Birds golden eggs

Beautiful Angry Birds fondant birthday cake ordered by Yen Hiew from her baker

angry-birds-party-printables-customise-personalise-malaysia-murah-designer-printing-candy-buffet-chocolate-cupcake-topper-cake-stickerCustomised pocky / kit kat / sugus wrappers, stickers, goodie bag toppers, cupcake toppers and photobooth props customised by us at IzsyPizsy for Moses

angry-birds-pocky-chocolate-candy-buffet-malaysia-cake-party-birthday-surprise-planner-decorator-sticker-printingHere’s a creative idea – pocky sticks as Angry Birds’ sling shots

angry-birds-topper-mini-tic-tac-candy-doorgift-cute-wedding-engagement-malaysia-party-planner-murahClear bag and customised Angry Birds toppers – perfect for candies / sugar cookies / mini toys as doorgifts for birthday guests

angry-birds-photobooth-backdrop-banner-props-malaysia-printing-party-planner-birthday-game-murahCustomised Angry Birds photobooth props used as decorations throughout the birthday party

angry-birds-sticker-print-murah-label-wrapper-malaysia-customise-personalise-murah-birthday-bridal-shower-wedding-engagementMachine die cut stickers – we cater for any design / shapes and sizes

angry-birds-cupcake-topper-party-printables-theme-pig-slingshot-gamer-planner-decorator-supplies-ideas-malaysia-cheap-murahAssorted angry birds characters cake / cupcake toppers

Have a break, have a kit kat

Speaking of breaks, time for us to get back to our Angry Birds game and knock some piggies.

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