Minion Birthday Party Goodie Bags

Bello! That’s “Hello!” in Minion language. Assemble the Minions and get ready for some major cuteness. We’re excited to share with you Minions party goodie bags we carefully crafted and created for our client Alvira Laurentina all the way in Sabah. 

Each Minion is machine die cut to perfection (it would be a pain to cut them by hand anyway). So if you’ve got large number of guests, forget DIY and leave the tedious job to us because at IzsyPizsy, we make your parties easy peasy.

Quick quiz: Can you spot any matching Minion? Go on and test your eyes! If you see any, let us know in the comments below!

Each Minion party bag is customisable to include Alvira Laurentina's son's name and personalised wordings "Aaron Khaleef turns one" for that special touch. Click image above to order yours now.

Ready for guests.

One of Alvira Laurentina's guests, Ita Zeh, happily shared photos of her Minion party bag. If you'd like to have this cute goodie bag for your kid's Minion birthday party, go on and click the image above to order yours.

Happy 1st Birthday Aaron Khaleef. You're one in a minion, i mean, million.

Great feedback from Alvira Laurentina - kids really loved the Minion party bags and she'll come back for more!

Apart from party bags, we also produce customised Minions tshirts which we produced for Aaden. You can read more about Aaden's Minion birthday party by clicking on the image above.

And we also provide Minions party pack which contains 105pcs of party printables including water bottle labels, mentos wrappers, cupcake toppers, stickers and more. Press on image above for full details.

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  1. Pamella

    Hi my name is Pamella, I would like to know where you are based

    1. izsypizsy

      Hi Pamella.. we’re based in Malaysia and ship internationally across the globe where are you from?

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