Superheroes Birthday Party

Hands up if your child (and probably your husband too LOL) is a fan of DC and Marvel superheroes. *waving my hands frantically.. me, me,me* He may have a favourite superhero character, like Muhriz who loves Spiderman. You can read more about Muhriz’s Spiderman birthday party by clicking the photo below.

Or he may like the whole gang of superheroes characters. Instead of limiting him to choose one or two superhero as his theme for his birthday party, why not have ALL of them, like Lucas here. Watch how we styled Lucas’s Superheroes birthday party – from preparations to the actual set up day in this video.

Believe it or not, this Superheroes birthday party decorations was planned in only under a week! Boom, Bang, Blast – we’re super happy with the way it turned out – with Captain America and Spiderman being the centre of attention. If you would like us to decorate your kid’s birthday party like how we’ve done for Lucas’s, simply contact us. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous and creative, this whole set is also available for rent for you to DIY your decorations.

Some behind the scenes preparations - our die cut machine produced these wonderful precise cut outs used as decorations through out the Superheroes birthday party. We also produced photo posters which were creatively used with IKEA photo frames.

Iron Man and Superman table cut-out standees - also precisely cut by our diecut machines.

All our standees are self-standing with it's own stand (right).

Boom! And with some creativity, we present to you Lucas's Superheroes Training Academy.

Drinks to recharge those superpowers. Click on image above to learn how you can order yours.

Life-sized Captain America standee. At 4 feet tall, he's almost the same height as the kids. Definitely a show stopper. He's available for rent - click on the image to know more.

You could also rent this 4 feet tall Spiderman standee by clicking the image above.

Customised kit kat wrappers in Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Hulk and Superman characters for Superhero Lucas.

Assorted candy and chocolates for the candy buffet. The cupcake and cake acrylic box is equipped with LED lights to light up the city. And notice those cupcake wrappers on it? See the transformation below.

We had these oh-so-adorable cupcake wrappers and toppers in individual superheroes characters and the results are stunning cupcakes!

We also had fondant cupcakes done by our dear baker. Bam!

Pop! For pop corn of course. Even the lollipops are in-theme.

Customised dynamite TNT mini mentos.

Iron Man table standee guarding the candy buffet.

Taking turns with Superman.

Happy *pow!* Birthday Superhero Lucas!

Photo posters in Spiderman, Superman, and Thor characters in IKEA frames.

There you have it - Lucas's Superheroes Training Academy.

And that’s a wrap! We’ve produced many other party supplies in superheroes theme such as Spiderman, Superman, Avengers, Batman, and Captain Underpants (seriously?) which we’ll share with you their parties soon. For now we’re busy saving the city. Wooosh!

View our latest projects on our blog and visit our party shop. Feel free to contact us for further information.

6 thoughts on “Superheroes Birthday Party

  1. Mariela Gilmoreno

    Where can I find personalized backdrop poster!? Love it

    1. izsypizsy

      Thanks Mariela 🙂 you may get it from us, we’ve sent you an email

  2. Maria

    Y’all decorate birthday parties ? I have a avenger theme

    1. izsypizsy

      yes we do, we decorated this party

  3. Hajar

    Hi, can I please have more details (prices, etc) for an avenger-themed birthday party? Thanks!

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