Description:13cm x 22cm size bag7cm x 10cm size labelBag colour will be chosen randomly based on suitability and availabilityMaterial:Paper (bag)Glossy sticker (label)Design: Customisable to suit your theme and add your child’s name & age for FREEPrice: Please refer our online party shop here Please refer here for shipping rate, delivery time and other information.Click photo to read more about the birthday party.
UPDATE: offer 2018 ini telah tamat, sila refer offer 2019 di siniUPDATE: offer 2018 ini telah tamat, sila refer offer 2019 di siniUPDATE: offer 2018 ini telah tamat, sila refer offer 2019 di siniHi Asslm 🙂 soalan cepumas, kenal artist baru yang super cantik Niena Baharun tu? Ala yang berlakon dengan Fattah Amin dalam drama Dia Anak Jeneral tuuu Jangan tersilap kata Fazura pulak haaa.. ni la heroin baru Niena Baharun. Power gandingan Niena dengan Fattah Amin
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Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo… admit it, the song is in your head. Baby Shark Doo Doo dance and song video became so popular that we’ve received lots party decorations requests. And to make it IzsyPizsy (read: easy peasy)  for you, the team at IzsyPizsy has come up with an amazing decorations / prop set you wouldn’t want to miss!Because we understand decorating kid’s birthday parties can sometimes put a hole in
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Bello! That’s “Hello!” in Minion language. Assemble the Minions and get ready for some major cuteness. We’re excited to share with you Minions party goodie bags we carefully crafted and created for our client Alvira Laurentina all the way in Sabah. Each Minion is machine die cut to perfection (it would be a pain to cut them by hand anyway). So if you’ve got large number of guests, forget DIY and leave the tedious job to
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Sound the alarm, Slide down the Pole, Grab your gear, We’re ready to roll! If you’re planning a BOMBAstic firemen theme birthday party for your child, you’ve landed to the perfect place as we’ve got the most comprehensive information for you (with free downloadable templates!). We share with you 10 things you need to know to organise your kid’s birthday party at a Fire Station in Malaysia. Information here is gathered by directly enquiring Balai
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